Anthony Clark上善若水。水善利万物而不争,处众人之所恶,故几于道。hackergroup通过不断技术积累,沉淀了许多宝贵的团队智慧结晶,同“上善若水”的哲学思想密切相关.

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Our feelings of patriotism and nationalism based on the reaction. "From a rational perspective, all the hacker attacks should be condemned; but the emotional point of view, every Chinese hackers attack accidental, a strong demonstration of 'people do not make me, I do not prisoners; if we are attacked, I will of prisoners'.

Our principle is that hacker groups, failing out, those who make life difficult in China, we are down; those who want to harm the interests of the Chinese nation, we will out ..."!!

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Chinese hacker group " members of the master is good at digging unknown vulnerabilities known vulnerabilities, with the invasion of our unique approach and security measures.Do customers immediate needs of network security system is what we advocate and adhere to consistent principles.

"The technology to create value for society to contribute".

This is just a selection of photos from holidays, days out, walks and other random occassions.

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Arriving Spring '09 Recently finished designing the website for the movie Awaydays which is due for release next year. Click here to take a look

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1998-present attacks in Indonesia Network
May 1999 attacks on U.S. networks

2000-2001 attacks on the network in Taiwan
1 February 2000 attacks on the Japanese network

2005-2002 2002 attacks on the Japanese network
2005 attacks on the Japanese network

2011-2010 12 September 2010 attacks on the Japanese network
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